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We’ve got mail: The Modern Era Conquest: How Islam Takes Over Non-Islamic Lands…….

My readers are some of the most astute readers a blogger could ever have.

From the TT’s Comment section


Taking over other lands, which used to happen in the past through violent conquest, today happens in a different manner. Muslims are the inventors of this type of conquest, which can be termed – Modern era conquest. It happens like this –

– Muslims go into a non-Muslim area. Start out breeding the natives. And when they become numerous enough, they claim this non-Muslim land in which they reside, as their own, and demand secession. To the outside world, it seems like separatism, when in reality, it is Muslims taking over non-Muslim territory.

To see this type of conquest in action, one needs to look no further than Kosovo –

In 1901, Muslims in Kosovo were 45%. Serbs also 45%. 30 years later, in 1931, Muslims became 61% of Kosovo. And serbs 28%. By 1991 Muslims had become 81% of Kosovo, and Serbs only 13%. And, as expected – Kosovo Muslims declared independence from Serbia—took over Serbia’s territory—in 2008 as the republic of Kosovo – Conquest. Today Muslims are 96% of Kosovo.

This is how modern era conquest works. Muslims are engaged in the same process in several parts of the world right now. What happened in Kosovo, is precisely what will happen in most of the European nations, once Muslims become numerous enough in those nations. We can thank Muslims for the invention of this type of conquest – Modern era conquest.

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