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Why Leftist conspiracy theories are flourishing in the age of Trump……..

Russian cyber ops are having a field day in churning the muck to see what plays, in order to completely throw the US into complete confusion.


No one can trust in anything and that severs the Russians when they really do want to involve themselves in US elections. Partisan politics, mostly on the side of the Democrats are helping the Russians along quite nicely, they couldn’t have done better…. if they paid them.

None of this could ever have happened if not for a feckless, partisan (Democrat) media whose main job it appears is to promote Left-wing issues and agendas. They have lost all credibility and that’s something that speaks ill for society as a whole, and the Russians are pouncing on it in order for Americans to lose faith in their institutions.

NOTE: Add to that, cultural marxism/post-modernism, which is a neo-marxist ideology aimed at destroying US institutions, you’ll begin to understand just exactly what’s attacking the US. The Russians are working the US like a punching bag and getting away with it in spades.

Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia

Why liberal conspiracy theories are flourishing in the age of Trump.

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