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Finnish national working for NGO aid group in Kabul kidnapped…….

I’m telling you, it’s the height of stupidity for any westerner outside of being in the military, to visit, let alone set up shop in the ME countries.

I’m hoping that the woman makes it out alright, and that we don’t get taken to the cleaners for her stupidity either, paying them off only whets their appetite for more as history has shown us time and again.

NOTE: It’s connected to this story posted earlier, a Swedish run guest house was attacked and two people ended up dead.

Finnish citizen kidnapped in Afghanistan

A Finn has been kidnapped in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the kidnapping, but has not yet given any details.


Finnish authorities confirmed on Sunday morning that a Finn had been kidnapped in Afghanistan. The foreign ministry was tight-lipped about the details of the case, but confirmed that a Finn had been taken hostage.


“The only detail that I can give at this stage is that there is no information yet about the kidnappers,” said ministry spokesperson Karoliina Romanoff.


The Finnish news agency STT reports that the kidnapped woman was working for an aid organisation. Afghan media report that the woman went missing on Saturday night in the wake of an attack on the accommodation where she was staying. The kidnapping was first reported in Finland by Helsingin Sanomat.


The BBC reports that one German aid worker died in the attack, along with a security guard. The foreign ministry is aware of around 35 Finnish civilians who are currently in Afghanistan, along with some 30 soldiers who are part of the ISAF operation in the country.


The ministry’s official travel advisory says that the security situation is either ‘critical’ or ‘weak’ in every region of the country, and that foreigners are at risk of being kidnapped.


In July 2014 two Finnish aid workers were shot and killed in the western Afghan city of Herat.


EDIT–The story has been edited to clarify that there are 30 Finnish soldiers in Afghanistan, as part of Nato’s ISAF mission, along with some 35 civilians.


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  1. Stu pid liberal goody goody ,she won’t spend any time in the library or on the net to read about the taliban and afghanistan.
    Play with fire ,and you will burn sooner than later. .
    Your liberal upbringing will live you with no idea what is going on in other countries .

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