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Kabul: Islamonazi Taliban attack Swedish NGO run guest house, murder German woman, behead Afghan guard…….

Just another day in Afghanistan….

You also have to be pretty dense to run a guest house in Kabul Afghanistan.

German woman killed and Afghan guard beheaded in Kabul

Gunmen in the Afghan capital Kabul have attacked a guesthouse, killing a German woman and beheading an Afghan guard


The attackers stormed a guesthouse run by a Swedish NGO, Operation Mercy, at about 23:30 (19:00 GMT) on Saturday, the Afghan interior ministry said.

A second woman, of Finnish nationality has also been reported missing and possibly kidnapped, the ministry said.

Taliban militants killed 20 police officers at checkpoints in southern Afghanistan, in a separate attack.

At least 10 others were injured in the ambushes in Zabul province on Saturday, a provincial spokesman said.


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