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Scotland: SNP dis-invites Hamas Islamonazi Azzam Tamimi from speaking…….

This is the same islamonazi who was invited in 2010 to speak at the University of Helsinki in the seminar organized by, Hakunila, laughably labeled:  “Role of Intellectuals Promoting Peace”…wrap your heads around that one.

Starts at 2:58

SNP forced to U-turn over invite for radical Islamic hate cleric

THE SNP was forced into a humiliating climbdown last night over a Holyrood invite to a radical Islamic cleric who promotes terror.



Pro-Palestinian “academic” Dr Azzam Tamimi, who has even said he would be a suicide bomber himself – was asked to address an event  by Nationalist MSP Ivan McKee.

The invitation prompted fury from Jewish leaders in Scotland, who said it was tantamount to having “a neo-Nazi” speak at the parliament.

But after being approached by the Daily Express tonight, the SNP insisted that Mr McKee had been unaware of Tamimi’s vile views.


A spokesman said: “Ivan McKee was unaware of Dr Tamini’s previous comments and has uninvited him from the event.” 

Tamimi is an outspoken supporter of proscribed terror group Hamas and has insisted Middle East suicide bombers are fighting “a noble cause”.


The 62-year-old has said he would “martyr” himself for Palestine if he “had the opportunity”.


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