Belgium Dhimmitude Islamization NO GO ZONES

Belgian police cannot enter Muslim areas, so locals choose dhimmi mindest: ”We shouldn’t overreact”……

A good colleague of mine was recently visiting Belgium and was told the following by a local there.


This is how a country/society falls to Islam. That’s the danger Counter-Jihad activist Nonie Darwish (apostate from Islam) warned about a few years ago, the non-Muslim mainstreaming of Islamic ill behavior….dhimmi mindset.

I came to Belgium from Germany to visit a friend here. You don’t have to visit Saudi Arabia to feel like you’re there, I must say now.
My Belgian friend said the police cannot enter “their areas”, I said don’t you find this offensive? He said, you know we are in 2017, we should not overreact.
I didn’t argue with my Belgian friends here about this, but that is f*cking freaky. How can they accept this?
There is something wrong with this altogether.

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