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Swedish MEP holds up picture of ‘Paleostinian’ cold blooded murder Islamonazi Marwan Barghouti in solidarity…….

Sweden is no longer to be considered as a normal country.

The non-drones who live there are to be sympathized with though, it’s got to be tough to be always swimming against the current. The Stalinst state of Sweden takes no prisoners, it seeks to destroy all those with opposing views. Again, this is a country with a political elite who regularly show open support for real homicidal/genocidal Islamonazis, while systematically demonizing and marginalizing a democratically elected political party (who once had anti-classical liberal views but has since made huge strides in rehabilitating itself), as Nazis.

Swedish parties show solidarity with Palestinian Arab terrorists

Terrorists are admired figures in once fair Sweden.

Tobias Petersson, 17/05/17 21:53
A photo on Facebook showing Swedish Social Democratic MEP Marita Ulvskog holding up a poster of arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti has stirred up feelings in Sweden. Barghouti is convicted of three terror attacks in which five Israelis were murdered.
Many Swedes are now disgusted and see Ulvskog’s action as a proof that the Swedish MEP and her party are supporting terrorism. But little do they know that support for terror is common in the Left and Social Democratic parties in Sweden and that many Palestinian associations in Sweden support terror organisations and terrorists of such organisations.
To be honest I was not really surprised to see the MEP Ulvskog with a poster of Barghouti. A year ago she took part in an art project in support of Palestinian prisoners. In this art project she and other European politicians were photographed behind bars, in solidarity with the Palestinian ”political prisoners”. Her new photo with the poster of Barghouti just proves what kind of ”political prisoners” the European MEPs were supporting last year: Terrorists, nothing more or less.
But Ulvskog was not the only one from her party supporting Palestinian terror convicted prisoners recently. Last Saturday Palestinians in the Swedish city of Uppsala held a manifestation for the currently hunger striking Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails. A local branch of Ulvskog’s party sent a letter of solidarity with the terrorists, which were read out loud in this pro terror event. And on Labour Day this year Palestinian associations marched in several cities in support of Palestinian prisoners.
In Malmö the Left Party invited the terror organisation DFLP to participate and speak in their Labour Day event. DFLP supporters were seen in the event holding up signs of Marwan Barghouti (Fatah), Ahmed Saddat (PFLP) and Samer Issawi (DFLP), all three convicted terrorists.


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