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Swedish ‘journalist’ says Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson deserves any violence he receives…….

SD’s press officer reacts strongly to TV4 journalist twittering about Åkesson. Photo: News Today

Truly a very sick mind…..

This is the mindset of the Swedish media and political elite, who consistently demonize, trash and isolate a democratically elected party and the millions of people who vote for them as nazis, while demanding that Israel to sit down with actual homicidal/genocidal Islamonazis.  In fact, the Swedish political elite celebrate Islamonazis. He describes the SD party: “Their political heritage consists of hatred, intimidation, terror and violence.” He actually describes the U.S: Democrat Party. Does this mean he covers them in the exact same way as the SD?

NOTE: Christoffer Eriksson deleted his Twitter account.

“Talk shit, get shot” and “Suit yourself”: TV4 journalist after the attack on Åkesson’s family

  • Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SWEDEN SD leader Jimmie Åkesson must blame himself when his family with his partner and three year old son attacked in his home. It says TV4 journalist Christoffer Eriksson on Twitter. “They’re a bug in the system that must be corrected,” he wrote on Twitter about Akesson and his party colleagues.

Early on Wednesday the home of SD leader Jimmie Åkesson was attacked by unknown assailants. In the residence was Åkesson’s partner Louise Erixon and the couple’s son, Nils, a three year old. Erixon says on Facebook that the attackers threw eggs at the house and the car was slammed with fireworks.


But it did not stop there. The attackers also tried to get into the house, says Erixon, who called the incident the “worst attack so far.”


TV4 journalist: “Suit yourself,” and “Talk shit, get shot ‘


Many public commentators have strongly condemned and distanced themselves from the attack. But there are also those who argue that Jimmie Åkesson has himself to blame. On Twitter, type TV4 journalist Christoffer Eriksson said of Jimmie Åkesson and his party comrades “there is a bug in the system that must be corrected.”


“I understand that it is tempting to be the bigger man and think it is” a threat to democracy ‘when Jimmie Åkesson, party leader and a democratically elected member of parliament is visited at home, but I think this is wasting precious magnanimity. It is possible to rely on the much underrated clause ‘Talk shit, get shot’, which you will find under the heading ‘Suit yourself, clown’. For you see, Jimmie is a Nazi. He, Kent, Linus, Andrew and others, they are Nazis. And the Nazis have no place in rooms with us. There is a bug in the system that must be corrected. Their political heritage consists of hatred, intimidation, terror and violence. This pit he has dug for himself, “he writes, and continues:

“He himself is the problem. And those who react strongly to this but pretends that it is raining while refugee camps burns, are part of the problem. Jimmie Åkesson, Sweden’s biggest coward. WIMP”.


“Fully sickening”


Sweden Democrat press officer Henrik Vinge has noted TV4 journalist twittering about Jimmie Åkesson. He reacts strongly when he read the journalist’s comments and questions the on TV4 can retain an employee with such values.


– I think it’s completely disgusting. What has happened is that the unknown perpetrators have gone on the attack against Åkesson’s home where he has a young son and a partner.


– It is absolutely disgusting. If not TV4 act on this, it’s huge scandal continues Vinge.


More here.

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