Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Muslim thugs Muslim Youths school

Finland: Finnish boy beaten up by immigrant student, mother uploads video to FB, Muslim threatens to behead older son……….

This happened in Southern Finland in the Matinkylä Tiistilä school this past week, the mother uploaded this video to FB. The school is full of immigrant (mostly Muslim) school children.

First the assault:


Now the call:


Schoolchildren violence stirs up Espoo, Finland – Rector: “A truly exceptional case”

Schoolchildren violence caused some fuss among the youth in the Matinkylä area. Youth outreach, the church and Children’s Station, a professional help forum had been called in for support of Tiistilä’s  school children at the start of the week.


The background to the crisis is the assault that occurred at the school occurred the last week.


According to the school headmaster Mirja Pirisen , the case is now a police report.

– This is a really exceptional, Pirinen commented, but does not want to open up on anything related to the event, cited in the police report.



Contributing to the stir was a video of the assault published on social media.


– Social media stirred up the minds of the children. We wanted to provide the school children with more adult conversations, Pirinen said during the middle of school exam week.


More here in Finnish


Here is the mother’s story on Facebook:

I want to share this experience with you all. One of my boys in Espoo has experienced a really outrageous bullying at school. My son started at the new school in January. My son who has always gotten along with people, and is a gifted athlete and a socially happy guy, was already on the first day of school beaten. He was abused and degraded during the entire spring at school. A video of the assault was spread on social media.


Clothes have been stolen, jackets torn off, his bike broken in front of his eyes. The perpetrators are mistreated poor people receiving asylum in our country ????  These guys are handsome and three years older and 30 inches taller guys.


I’ve been in school more than once and asked for them to intervene. This has not happened. Yesterday my son was hit in the face with a bottle and he was held after school in a circle, where there was no chance to get out. Mm one from Somalia boy offered to another 20 euros in money if he hit my son 4 times in the face.


Today one of my boys decided to go in and talk to these people. He asked them haven’t they learned since they were small not to tease smaller kids? They were arrogant and asked what you can do about it?


My son said that he could do a lot about it, which these bullies / give me your number and our brother will take care of  I you too. My son gave them his number and said, if you and your big brother would be of a little bit more sense. It would be good to hear from him. We can discuss.


Then there was a phone call and it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. What kind of guys is all about!


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