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Sweden: Migration agency criticized for grilling Christian converts about their faith…….

Seeing that apostasy in Islam is a real life threatening decision, these new converts should be given some measure of benefit of the doubt.

However, I’m not interested in how much they know, but in the reasons as to why they are no longer Muslims and why they chose Christianity as their new found faith. Just like former marxists who tend to be very vocal on why their former ideology was wrong, new Christians should be interviewed on why Islam is wrong from them as well. Enrollment in a church should also be considered as a prerequisite for establishing the veracity of the applicant.

Swedish Migration Agency criticized for grilling asylum seekers on their faith

Sweden’s Migration Agency has been criticized for the way in which it tests religious asylum seekers on their knowledge of Christianity.

The questions were posed to asylum seekers who had converted to Christianity and were seeking asylum on the grounds of religious persecution.


Asylum seekers were quizzed on technical aspects of the Christian faith, such as the number of parts to the New Testament and the difference between the Orthodox and Protestant Churches.


Both lawyers and church representatives have criticized the practice, which they argue tests technical knowledge rather than a person’s faith. The responses given to the questions could affect whether applicants are granted asylum or not.


“I think it’s terrible. I have repeatedly had to interrupt administrators who ask these questions because they are not relevant and are far too complicated,” lawyer Serpil Güngör told SVT.


Güngör said that he advises his clients to study the Bible carefully before their interview – while some Swedish parishes have begun preparing handbooks of facts aimed at asylum seekers in order to assist them.


However, the Migration Agency defended the nature of the interviews, and pointed out that they only form part of the overall assessment.


The agency also takes into account factors such as the applicant’s explanation for why they converted to Christianity and how they exercise their faith.


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