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Jewish Press blogger gets banned from Facebook for accurate description of who is murdering Jews in Israel…….

Truth deniers….

That’s how the Left responds to the truth, ban it.

While there are endless anti-Israel pages that directly call for the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews, it seems that Facebook does not like when I point out that all terrorists who murdered Jews in Israel based on the Palestine fabrication were from the Islamic faith.


In a Facebook discussion on on my page, a discussion with hundreds of comments, someone claimed that the problem is not a religious one, I responded with the following factual statement which is apparently against Facebook’s terms:

“All terrorists that have murdered Jews in Israel have been Muslims. Not all Muslims murder Jews but those that did were Muslim. I call them either radical Islamic terrorists or Arab terrorists.”

This is not to say in any way or form that all Muslims are terrorists, which I clearly did not say, but that the conflict in our area is certainly based in a religious, genocidal Islamic ideology.


There is no way to appeal the 7-day ban and and this came at a time that I was planning for my mid June speaking tour in North America.


I am traveling for Standing Together and will be speaking about the political and security situation in Israel as well as talk about my personal IDF experience during war time and introduce Standing Together’s IDF support campaigns.


More here.

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