Islamic Slavery UAE

UAE: Eight princesses from hell to go on trial in Belgium for human trafficking…….

These gulf state Islamic royalty are the worst of the worst.

Eight UAE princesses to go on trial in Belgium for human trafficking

Yesterday a trial began in Belgium that has the potential to set a precedent in one of the more odious crimes against humanity being committed today: modern Arab slavery.


There are multiple organisations recruiting workers in impoverished regions of the world, promising them well-paid jobs in the Arab region. But these workers find, when arriving in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or the UAE, that a system called ‘Kafala’ makes their employer their legal guardian. Which means it is a crime to apply for a new job, without the permission of your old employer. It also means working around the clock, without prompt or regular pay and facing abuse and beatings.


And what’s worse, when your masters travel, you travel.


In 2008, UAE princess Shekha Alnehayan and her seven daughters travelled to Brussels with 19 other servants, attending to the eight princesses 24/7, without enough food, without a bed – and without a visa, let alone a work permit.


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