Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Norway

Norwegian Leftist trade unions don’t boycott China for invading Tibet and implementing cultural genocide…….

No, but they do boycott a bunch of Jews holding on to their ancient homeland against homicidal, genocidal Islamonazis.

A cadre of sanctimonious self righteous morons.

Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions declares boycott of Israel

Demonstration for boycott of Israeli settlement goods in Trondheim, Norway
Norway’s biggest trade union votes in favor of an economic, cultural and academic boycott against Israel; the Norwegian government criticizes the boycott, saying it ‘is not the way to go.’

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) went against a recommendation from its leadership and voted 197 to 117 in favor of an international economic, cultural and academic boycott against Israel because of the current impasse in peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA).


Among the objectors to the vote was the newly elected LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen, who warned against a general boycott and said that the decision might also affect Palestinian workers.


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