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Sweden’s online ‘The Local’ spins multiculturalism in Muslim dominated Rinkeby…….

Online ‘The Local’ spins multiculturalism in Sweden’s Rinkeby. Just don’t mention Islam or break any of their taboos and you might make it out alive.

This Swedish video shows a different side of Rinkeby

When Stockholm suburb Rinkeby makes the news it tends to be for its problems, but a new video from two Swedish film-makers highlights a different side to the area.

International readers may be familiar with Rinkeby through the headlines it made in February when a riot broke out days after Donald Trump thrust the spotlight on Sweden with his “last night…” comments. When the suburb is given attention, it is generally for the wrong reasons.


Inspired by a lack of information on what day-to-day life is like in Rinkeby, Olle Öberg and fellow YouTuber Liban Abshir Mohamed decided to go to there themselves, talk to the locals, and film what happened.


“It’s easy to get the idea that Rinkeby and other suburbs you’ve never been to are dangerous and really bad places. I’m not saying they’re perfect at all, but I don’t think it’s like what the media says either,” Öberg told The Local.


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