Fighting Back Islam in Italy Italy MUSLIM SETTLERS

Italy: New dentention centers being built to speed up deportation of Muslim settlers…….

Finally some commonsense coming from Italy…..

Better yet, their navy should be actively turning around these boats, follow them back, ensure that they disembark, then destroy the boat.

Italy builds new detention centres to speed up migrant deportations

Italy will open new detention centres across the country in the next few months as part of its push to speed up deportations of illegal migrants, despite critics saying that the centres are not only inhumane but also do not produce the desired result.


Violent protests and difficulty identifying migrants has led to the closure of similar centres over the past few years, but on Tuesday (9 May) the county’s interior ministry asked regional governments to provide a total of 1,600 beds in such centres.


Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti says migrants must be detained to stop them from slipping away before they can be sent home.


The plans include reopening one for men at Ponte Galeria on the outskirts of Rome where migrants had sewed their mouths shut in protest before it was destroyed by interned migrants in 2015.


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  1. Thank you Italy maybe I can go home to my little house for a holiday this year without fear of being raped.

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