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UK: Jihadi colleague of Anjem Choudary now works as delivery boy after returning from Syria……

Keep in mind the latest call by Islamic (nazi) State for Muslims to use ads in luring their victims…

Yet another reason to rescind the passport/citizenship of anyone going to fight in the jihad.

Jihadi who could deliver YOUR next takeaway order: Fanatic who was Anjem Choudary’s right hand-man and fought in Syria is now back in UK

Abu Rayah (left), ex right-hand man of hate preacher Anjem Choudary, left the UK in 2015 and fought alongside insurgents in Syria – but is now back living in London and working for a restaurant via Just Eat.


The 34-year-old extremist was also the frontman of Muslims Against the Crusades. The group celebrated the 9/11 attacks, set fire to poppies, and threatened to burn effigies of Prince William and Kate on their wedding day.


He was described as MAC’s spokesman and also ‘played a significant role’ in Al-Muhajiroun, which influenced a generation of home-grown terrorists. Right, a photo of a Just East delivery driver.


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