Islam in France Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

France: Police evacuate Paris Gare du Nord train station in search for three Muslim terrorists……..

As to a clue of the motivation of  the terror perps:
Unconfirmed reports said two of the men were thought to be Belgian nationals and one Afghan.

Belgian nationals = Muslim settlers.

Paris’s Gare du Nord station evacuated ‘as armed police search for three dangerous terror suspects’

Police surround the Gare du Nord

Paris’ Gare du Nord train station was evacuated last night as armed police reportedly searched for three “dangerous” terror suspects.


The station was cordoned off at around 11pm local time as armed police poured in and evacuated the site. Passengers were confined to trains, according to witnesses.


According to Le Parisien newspaper, police proceeded to evacuate and search a specific high speed train from Valenciennes, northern France, with 200 people on board.


They were looking for three men that a “partner country” had warned French intelligence last Friday were due to arrive in France where they are suspected of seeking to carry out an imminent attack.

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