Sweden: MORE Muslim settlers detected by Swedish border controls AFTER ID checks end…….

Time to re-institute the ID checks don’t you think?

More asylum seekers detected by Swedish border controls after ID checks end


The number of asylum seekers detected by Sweden’s border controls has increased since the country ended ID checks on crossings with Denmark, but the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) thinks it is still too early to make conclusions.

Swedish ID checks on buses, trains and ferries between the country and Denmark were dropped last week for the first time since they were brought in at the start of 2016. At the same time, the Swedish government announced that it would strengthen border control spot checks by police to cover more travellers.


And border police in the south of Sweden say that in the four days since the ID checks stopped on May 4th their controls detected 24 people looking to seek asylum in Sweden, up from an average of five per week earlier in 2017.


“I think its just the start of what could happen in the future. First the message of the ID checks being taken away has to catch on before we can see the bigger effect here in Sweden,” Michael Mattsson, head of Sweden’s Border Police in the south region told Sveriges radio.


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