Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands

Netherlands: Extreme ‘right’-wing (nationalist socialists) lists Dutch Jews and as ‘enemies of the people…….

Collectivist socialists of all stripes (and Islam101 obedient Muslims) are the scourge of the world…

The greatest success for the Jewish people outside living in their own homeland, is in the US, where the individual melts in the fabric of melting pot society. That however is changing with the advent of identity driven politics and group rights, with multiculturalism changing its culture faster than any Soviet takeover could.

Extreme right website lists Dutch Jews

An extreme right website lists Jewish Dutch people. The Jewish information center CIDI is demanding that the list be taken down immediately. It says that violent antisemites may use the list in many ways.  


Far-right website lists ‘Dutch Jews’ and ‘enemies of the people’

April 28, 2017

The Jewish information centre CIDI is demanding a list of Jewish Dutch people be taken off an extreme right-wing website immediately.

The website includes a list of ‘Jews and part-Jews’ and a page which ‘attempts to quantify the influence of Jews in the Netherlands and Belgium.

CIDI says the website is extremely worrying. ‘We don’t have to explain what violent anti-semites can dowith such a list,’ the organisation says on its website.

It is unclear who is behind the website which is registered via a Panama server with identity protection. The website, which was offline on Friday afternoon because of a system overload, describes Jews as ‘alien organisms’.

Another website section lists ‘enemies of the people’ which it describes as ‘Marxists, feminists and homosexuals’. The list also claims to include the names of people who signed a petition calling for the abolition of Zwarte Piet.

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