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Germany: Afghan man stabs Afghan woman in Prien, perp remanded into psychiatric care……

We’ve all come to realize that without exception, Muslims carrying out acts of violence will be described as psychotic to shield Islam from criticism.

Stabbing of woman in front of supermarket first-time in Prien: offender is in psychiatric care

In Prien, a mother was stabbed in the eyes of her children and mortally wounded.  Photo: dpa

On Saturday, a 29-year-old Afghan has stabbed a 38-year-old female. The suspect was now handed over to a closed psychiatric institution.


Prien – After the horrible bloodshed on Saturday night in Prien, the suspect 29-year-old Afghan was placed in a closed psychiatric facility, as the police reported on Monday. The prosecutor ordered an autopsy of the killed woman.


The drama took place at 6:45 pm in front of the Lidl in Prien. Probably the 38-year-old with her five and eleven-year-old children was just on shopping trip, when she was attacked by the 29-year-old. Before the eyes of her children, he stabbed the woman several times with a knife.


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