US: Feminist icon Alice Walker acknowledges Muslim scholars traditionally ignore FGM ……

Of course they do, it’s part and parcel of Islamic thinking, subjugation of the female.

Feminist Alice Walker: Muslim Scholars Have ‘Ignored the Problem of Female Genital Mutilation’

Feminist icon Alice Walker has bemoaned the horror of female genital mutilation (FGM) for years and acknowledged in a 2006 interview that Muslim scholars “have traditionally ignored the problem.”


The author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Color Purple and Possessing the Secret of Joy – a novel that attacks the practice of FGM and the mythologies that sustain it – Walker told Feminist.com founder and executive director Marianne Schnall in December, 2006, that she had recently received word that “some scholars very high in the hierarchy of the Muslim world” had met in Cairo and resolved that “female genital mutilation is not to happen henceforth among Muslims.”


Walker, who, in 1993, also co-authored, with Pratibha Parmar, Warrior Marks: Female Genital Mutilation and the Sexual Blinding of Women, further explained:

And my friend Pratibha Parmar is visiting and she and I made a film called Warrior Marks that talks about female genital mutilation and we just almost cried, because it’s such a major acknowledgement from people who have traditionally ignored the problem. Basically people like these scholars have ignored the problem.

Walker said when men realize they are in danger of contracting AIDS from women who have been victims of FGM, then they will condemn the practice.


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