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#GardenofSweden : New twist on Muslim settler Facebook gang rape, 25-30 men cheered outside window…….

They’ll get some time, but not as much as they should, and it all could have been avoided if they were never allowed into the country in the first place.
“To be a fucked Swedish whore!” Iranian exclaimed as he cheered on the two rapists and sent the gang rape live.

Large mob threatened the victim by Facebook rape: “Golare!”

Published April 26, 2017 at 08:55

DOMESTIC. New grotesque details emerge in Tuesday’s judgment in the case of the live Facebook rape in Uppsala. The raped woman says among other things that a mob of 25-30 people after the assault appeared outside her window and yelled.

– I feel like hell and my life is ruined, said the victim, while the perpetrators, as expected, will come away with a very low penalty.

It was the night of January 22 that the woman was gang-raped by two unaccompanied refugee children in an apartment in the immigrant-dominated suburb of Gottsunda in Uppsala. A third man, a 24-year-old Iranian, incited the rape of two others.

– How should a Swedish whore be fucked! He, inter alia, chanted and scoffed, according to the verdict, which came yesterday. All the while the entire event was broadcast live via Facebook.

The judgment reveals previously unknown details about the assault and its aftermath. Among other things, the woman in the interrogation told me she was afterward harassed because she of accommodation in the area was considered to have “golat ‘on rapists.

More here in Swedish at Friatider.

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