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US Attorney General Sessions defends President Trump in criticism of judges…….

The president has every right to criticize boneheaded rulings by leftist hack judges, nothing in the constitution says he can’t.

Jeff Sessions defends Trump’s criticism of judges

by Kyle Feldscher |

Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended President Trump’s criticism of federal judges, and said the real threat to an independent judiciary is the increased politicization of the judicial branch.


Speaking to CBS, Sessions said Trump has a right to comment on federal court decisions and being a judge does not make one immune from criticism.


“It’s right for the president, as he’s done historically over the centuries, to express opinions over judicial opinions,” Sessions said.


He added that judges are “not above being talked about.”


Democrats and other critics have criticized Trump for being too critical of federal judges and seeking to influence the judiciary. However, Sessions said the threat to the federal court system’s independence is within itself.


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