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CNN offends all other belief systems except Islam on Reza Aslan show…….

Yet another reason why a self identifying Muslim should never be given a platform in the media…..


CNN is ready to offend every non-Muslim religion on earth.

Reza Aslan has built a career complaining about Islamophobia. Throw a dart at a map of colleges and the odds were good that Aslan would be speaking at one of them about the rising threat of Islamophobia.


Earlier this year, Aslan, an Iranian Muslim, announced that he was going to change people’s minds about Islam and make them more tolerant, “through pop culture, through film and television.“


“Stories have the power to break through the walls that separate us into different ethnicities,” Aslan rhapsodized, “different cultures, different nationalities, different races, different religions.”


CNN gave Aslan a forum. Nearly every episode of “The Believer” that aired has made some religion that isn’t Islam look freaky, unpleasant and threatening. Instead of breaking through the walls, it has surveyed different non-Islamic religions only to sneer at them as strange and weird.


Instead of Islamophobia, it offers Non-Islam-ophobia.


“The Believer” kicked off with an episode featuring a sect of cannibals whom the show associated with Hinduism. Its last episode spread fear over the threat posed by Orthodox Jews. CNN’s “Believer” clips offer Reza Aslan explaining why he’s a Muslim sandwiched between a doomsday cult leader who calls himself “Jezus”, voodoo, scientology and a Mexican death cult.


Not even Al Jazeera would have been this blatant about its Islamic agenda.


More here.

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  1. Yep Al Jazeera has improved its attitude to Israel, last night was a good example. News reader allowed Israeli minister to speak without interruption.

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