Islamic terrorism

UK: Shooting terrorists at the wheel now under consideration…….

Remember, this is a tactic Israel was forced to implement due to the exact same situation, and the usual hate mongers vented their vitriol over it.

When steeped in the same scenarios time and again, rational defensive measures make sense.

Police may have to shoot terrorists at the wheel under ‘more aggressive’ tactics

The tactics of armed officers may have to change and become “more aggressive” to combat terrorists who use vehicles as a weapon.

Police may have to shoot terrorists behind the wheel to stop them using vehicles as weapons in attacks, the national lead for armed policing has said.

Armed officers have previously been told not to shoot drivers of moving vehicles because of the risk of potential additional dangers.


But their tactics may have to change and become “more aggressive” following attacks in Nice, Berlin and most recently in Westminster, during which four pedestrians and a police officer were killed.


Simon Chesterman, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), said: “We’ve seen some very horrible and different tactics lately involving vehicles and lorries.


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