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French police search Paris jihadi’s home, neighbor says ”I never noticed anything abnormal about him”……

How many times have we heard that line? Which only goes to show that you’ll never know when their inner Mohammed pops and they turn hostile against the non-Muslim host society. This guy was a convicted criminal, and yet the neighbor never saw anything abnormal about him. Also, what’s with the grainy black and white pics, especially in this modern age of high def imaging?

French police search man’s home in connection with Champs-Elysees attack

“I never noticed anything abnormal about the guy,” a neighbour says of the man whose Paris family home is searched by officers.


This is the face of a man whose home has been searched by police in connection with the attack on the Champs-Elysees.

A police document obtained by the Associated Press (AP) identifies the address searched in the eastern Paris suburb of Chelles as the family home of Karim Cheurfi, a 39-year-old with a police record.


He had previously been flagged as an extremist, according to two police officials, speaking to AP on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to publicly talk about the probe.


Cheurfi’s neighbour said: “I think everyone here is in shock. It’s clear that we are in shock. And that we’ve got to this point is very serious. Especially because this doesn’t seem to resemble anyone from Chelles.


“I don’t know anyone here who could just lose it and do this kind of thing.


“I never noticed anything abnormal about the guy. And this was a guy who was very closed off and was not someone who looked for problems.”


Cheurfi was convicted of attacking a police officer in 2001, according to archive reports in the French newspaper Le Parisien.


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