Finland Islam in Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Officials face nearly 9000 asylum appeals by Muslim settler fraud refugees-asylum seekers……..

All of this bull crap could have been avoided if Finland had unilaterally suspended the Schengen agreement at the time, which is already suspended presently.

A total waste of time, money and resources.

Officials face nearly 9,000 asylum appeals, rise in decisions referred for review

The Finnish Immigration Service is facing an unprecedented situation, with nearly 9,000 asylum decisions being challenged in court. So far this year, nearly one-third of asylum decisions handed down have been overturned or sent back for review by the Helsinki Administrative Court.



Finland’s administrative courts have been working hard to dismantle long queues of asylum seekers who have lodged complaints over their asylum decisions. Officials in four administrative courts across the country are currently dealing with more than 8,100 complaints. On top of that the Supreme Administrative Court is grappling with over 600 asylum cases.


So far, many complaints filed at the Helsinki Administrative Court have either been sent back to immigration authorities for review or the court has overturned previous decisions by immigrations officials.


The administrative courts attributed the increase in recommendations to review previous decisions to the fact that complainants have presented new information. The Finnish Immigration Service, Migri, has also compiled its own records and also found an increase in flawed decisions.


By the end of January the Helsinki Administrative Court was the only such court in Finland to have heard asylum seeker appeals. Last year, such appeals amounted to more than 10,400.


The Helsinki court had been able to begin dismantling the backlog of cases by transferring half of pending cases to sister courts in eastern Finland, northern Finland and Turku.


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  1. Where are the refugee women? The countries these frauds are “running away” from are “so bad” that they leave all the women, kids and elderly behind. GTF out of here! That picture says it all. Always 20 and 30 something young men sucking up my taxes and with 1000€ phones. Frauds!

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