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Israel: i24News allows ‘Paleostinian’ unapologetic murderer/propagandizer to rant in ‘debate’…….

You do not show ‘balanced debate’ with a cold blooded murder who, surprise, goes on to advocate more cold blooded murder during the program!

Ari Fuld (pictured below) was there to swat away the cold blooded murder’s claims who shouldn’t have been invited to use their (i24News) platform in the first place. Enough of this nonsense, whether it’s in the US or in Israel. The video of the ‘debate’ is viewable on Fuld’s Facebook page.

Thanks to Kay Wilson for the heads up on this.


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Last night I had the “honor” to debate a convicted Arab terrorist who sat in Israeli jail for 12 years and was released with one of the ridiculous “peace” deals Israel made with terrorist organizations. It would be one thing if this terrorist would show remorse for his actions, but this one continues to defend terrorists as well as justify terrorism by fabrications of history. Listen carefully as he justifies terrorism. I was not disappointed or shocked by Ashraf’s dishonesty, I never am. He is doing what he believes in and I do not expect him to think differently.
I am shocked and disappointed at Israel for giving these terrorists a stage to spread their lies as well as a status of an important person. Left wing leaders of Israel caused the world to give Yasser Arafat a Nobel Peace prize!
This must stop before it blows up in our face…AGAIN!
Please share and help explain why there is no deal to be made with terrorists who fabricate history and justify murder

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