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Europe: over 8300 migrants intercepted, set on ships bound for the wrong way…….Italy

Missing from the article is the part where they’re repatriated….oh, that never happened.

Thousands of migrants saved from Mediterranean Sea over Easter weekend

The Italian coast guard and NGOs have saved thousands of migrants from the Mediterranean over Easter weekend. The EU is concerned smugglers will use better weather and instability in Libya to send more migrants.

About 8,300 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean over Easter weekend, as smugglers took advantage of calm seas and better weather to launch boats to Europe.


The EU border agency Frontex saved more than 1,400 migrants in 13 rescue operations, while private humanitarian organizations were involved in the remainder in coordination with the Italian navy.


Carlotta Sami, the UN refugee agency’s spokesperson, said seven people died, including one pregnant woman, over three days.

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