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Boko Haram using more kids as suicide bombers to die for allah……..

Absolute evil…..

The Iranian regime used children as well, handing out plastic keys for nirvana before setting them out to clear mine fields for their troops by the trampling of their tiny feet.

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More and more children are forced to become suicide bombers for Boko Haram

The number of children the terror group Boko Haram use as suicide bombers has increased dramatically. In the first quarter of 2017, twenty-seven children lost their lives in the attacks.

– The number of children being used in attacks by suicide bombers are almost as many in the first three months throughout last year, said Marie-Pierre Poirier UNICEF said in a statement.


27 this year


It is the UN agency UNICEF to release a report in connection with that in the days of three years ago 276 girls from Chibok in northeastern Nigeria were kidnapped by Boko Haram.


The report reveals a sharp increase in children in suicide attacks in recent years. From just four in 2014 to now, then just twenty-seven in the first three months.


– These children are victims, not perpetrators. They are tricked or forced to commit these terrible acts. It’s disgusting, said Marie-Pierre Poirier.


More here in Swedish

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