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Sweden: School that banned Swedish flag comes under heavy criticism……..

Lets face it, thanks to the culture created by the hard Left that permeates every sector of society, this is a logical thing to do, hate the symbols of your own country while you genuflect before the cultures of everyone else. 

What’s in question were students wanting to reenact a certain time period in Swedish history which would have involved playing period music, clothing and fake swords. Painting a Swedish flag on the face is modern expression which can be seen (still) at any sporting event in Sweden.

School that banned Swedish flag – is criticized

The Swedish flag

Ombudsman is now directing criticism at Söndrum School in Halmstad after they banned the students use of the Swedish flag at school. The Ombudsman considers that the ban meant an unlawful restriction of the students’ speech.

The background to the ban would have been for a student at a masquerade painting his face with the Swedish flag colors and carrying fake weapons, which the school administration perceived as offensive. The pupils would also have liked to play music reminiscent of the seventeenth century.

Wanted to avoid offending


The incident occurred in 2014. By prohibiting the use of the flag, the school wanted to avoid that anyone would be offended or committed crimes that could be interpreted as incitement to racial hatred.

The notice of the ban posted on the school’s internal learning platform was removed after a few days. Principals also quickly dstanced themselves from the statement that the Swedish flag may be perceived as offensive or constitute hate speech.

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