Donald Trump Syria WMD's

Trump changes mind on Assad, opens door to military action after sarin gas attack…….

My only question is, what tyrannical forces will be taking his place once Assad is gone?

Trump opens the door to military action in Syria after branding sarin massacre an ‘affront to humanity’ that ‘crossed a lot of lines’ and warns: ‘My attitude toward Assad has changed’

Trump: Syrian massacre 'terrible affront to humanity'


President Donald Trump said Wednesday that it is now his responsibility to resolve the humanitarian and political crisis in Syria as he opened the door to military action in the country.


Trump upped the ante in a Rose Garden press conference after having said earlier in the day that the the chemical weapons attack is a ‘terrible affront to humanity.’ ‘My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much,’ Trump declared, suggesting with the statement that he may be reconsidering his directive to US diplomats to take their focus off removing Bashar al-Assad from power.


The ‘horrible, horrible’ sarin gas attack that killed small children and ‘beautiful babies’ had a ‘big impact’ on the president, who declared Wednesday that the attack ‘crossed a lot of lines.’


‘When you kill innocent children, innocent babies…with a chemical gas that is so lethal…that crosses many, many lines. Beyond a red line,’ Trump said, making reference to Barack Obama’s infamous 2012 threat to Assad.


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