Helsinki police removes lone protester with Tibet flag before head (Thug) Chi-Com & wife drove by…….


So it’s a situation in which an area in Helsinki was sealed off for the motorcade of the visiting Chinese president and his wife. Ethnic Chinese supporters broke away from a predesignated area for supporters and demonstrators alike, and filed into motorcade area with the only person being removed being one lone man, a Finn, holding the flag of Tibet.

This is typical in how Finland behaved during the Cold War, old habits die hard, if at all.

Red flags and banners rushed to Esplanade street surprised Helsinki police – Tibetan flag carrier was invited to move to his own ranks

On the Esplanade was not meant to allow demonstrations or large state flags, but China's red flags and banners greeted the president were to stay there.

The police had directed  demonstrators to two places in connection with Chinese President’s visit, neither of which were on Esplanade (park) street. When China’s red flags unexpectedly filled Esplanade, the police had to give them permission to stay.

HELSINKI police had on Wednesday morning, a strange flag problem when suddenly Esplanade was filled with Chinese flags and banners to greet the Chinese President. Just before Xi Jinping, convoy was passing it was joined by a  man carrying the Tibetan flag.

It required quick solutions.

Police had received advance announcements of two demonstrations and reserved it for those places at Katajanokka’s ferris wheel, and the Old Market Hall in nearby Eteläranta (South Bank).

According to the plan the demonstrations would not be allowed elsewhere, and the demonstrations also included waving large flags.

Surprisingly, the protests appeared in the protected Esplanadi street a wealth of China’s red flags and banners that greeted the president.

At Esplanadi appeared at least one Tibetan flag. According to civil activist Aleksi Pahkalan , the police removed the flag bearing man from the park.

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