Canada: Hamas-linked Islamic group wants off of terror list…….

Most of my readers realize that the West would much better off without these 7th century followers of the dessert warlord being in our countries, subverting our societies and turning sound logic and justice on its ear.

Hamas-linked Canadian charity is fighting to be removed from terror list

A Canadian Islamic organization which lost its charitable status and was subsequently listed by Public Safety Canada as a terrorist group for transferring over $14 million worth of resources to various organizations linked to Hamas between 2005 and 2009, is fighting to be removed from the terror list.


In an application filed with the Federal Court on February 24, 2017, International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy-Canada (IRFAN-Canada) is requesting the Minister of Public Safety to de-list the organization as a terrorist entity and to be awarded the costs of the application.


IRFAN-Canada claims that it did not “directly or indirectly” assist Hamas, its humanitarian work did not constitute association for terrorist purposes, and the original designation as a terrorist entity which it considers to be unreasonable and unconstitutional, is without merit.


Public Safety Canada describes Hamas as a radical Islamist-nationalist terrorist organization which uses political and violent means to pursue its goal of establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in Israel and which has been responsible for several hundred terrorist attacks against both civilian and military targets.


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