Denmark Fighting Back MUSLIM SETTLERS

Denmark: Integration Minister encourages citizenry to report on Muslim settlers in public places……..

Sounds entirely reasonable and rational to me….

The police used to regularly ask citizens to be on the look-out for dangerous criminals, hence the pictures of wanted criminals gracing the walls of post offices around the country.

‘Report pizzerias where Danish isn’t spoken’: integration minister

Denmark’s integration minister Inger Støjberg says that citizens should contact authorities if they witness “many people walking around in the back, not speaking Danish at all” in pizzerias.

The minister, reacting to a report by TV2 on record numbers of illegal immigrants in Denmark, told the broadcaster that the public had a duty to help authorities track down undocumented migrants.


“I would actually encourage completely normal Danes to, when they are for example are at their local pizzeria and think that there is something weird going on in the back room because there are many people going around in there not speaking Danish at all, then contact the authorities, because it is utopic to believe that the police can get into every back room in Denmark,” she said.


Støjberg’s remarks came after TV2 reported that 1,348 individuals were charged with being in Denmark without permission last year – the highest total recorded to date.


“This is all about there being clarity over who is living in Denmark… So I actually think that we all have a duty to contact authorities if we see something suspicious,” she said.


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