AIPAC anti-Semitism Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield: Anti-Israel voices at AIPAC’s Conference……..

One can only scratch his/her head over how anti-Israel crackpots can be invited to speak at a pro-Israel event.

It’s part of the subversion process.


How can a pro-Israel group invite a Hamas apologist?

Daniel Greenfield

The low point of the AIPAC policy conference came when Nancy Pelosi read a letter from J Street. The letter, officially authored by David Price and Gerry Connolly, urged opposing “unilateral actions by either of the two parties that would push the prospects for peace further out of reach.”


That’s a euphemism for Jews living in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel claimed by Islamic terrorists.


Price and Connolly are some of the more anti-Israel Democrats in Congress. Price was one of the “Hamas 54” members of Congress who had signed another letter calling for an end to the Israeli embargo on Hamas in Gaza.  Connolly is known for his associations with the Muslim Brotherhood. He had defended funding the PA even when it included members of Hamas.


But AIPAC is a bipartisan organization. That means it has to have leading Democrats like Pelosi over. It’s the figures whom AIPAC chose to invite that are truly troubling.


Among the list of speakers was Robert Malley. Malley had been originally dropped by Obama during the campaign due to his contacts with Hamas on behalf of Soros’ International Crisis Group.


Once Obama was secure, Malley was brought back in and quickly moved up the ranks.


Malley is about as anti-Israel as they come.  AIPAC had invited the author of an article titled, “Making the Best of Hamas’ Victory”. The article urged funding Hamas and warned, “don’t ostracize or actively undermine a Hamas-backed PA.”

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