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Angry Canucks: School board meeting shouted down, koran shred over appeasement to Muslims……

Time for confrontation……

No going easily into the night waiting for your neck to be stepped on. Resist.

Angry Canadians shout down school board meeting, shred Quran over Muslim ‘accommodations’

A long-simmering issue came to a head this month in the suburbs of Toronto, where the Peel District School Board recently loosened its rules for Muslim sermons delivered on Fridays, on school property.


The policy feud has come to Americans’ attention in the last few days because of a video now circulating, in which opponents of this decision boiled over in anger at a 22 March school board meeting.  One person ripped up a Quran; others accused the school board of opening the door to sharia law, giving Muslims special privileges, and refusing to listen to the concerns of parents.


The remarkable video can be viewed below.  Watch all of it.


The backstory on this goes back several months, and revolves around how the content of Friday sermons for the Muslim students is to be “supervised.”  Formerly, the school board’s policy was that students should use imam-written sermons from a pre-approved sermon bank.   But students could prepare sermons themselves, so long as their content was approved in advance by the school principal.  The sermons were to be delivered in English.  (The religious accommodations for Muslim students have reportedly been in place for at least 15 years; some news sources say “two decades.”)


But some Muslim students – and other Muslims in the community – objected to that policy.  In fact, objections were also made to the policy of limiting group prayer to the Friday sessions.


Interestingly, the history on this seems to have gone by the wayside in the most recent Canadian news reporting – which is now focused on depicting the opponents of the decision as racists and Islamophobes.  The recent reporting frames the issue as if it’s about whether the Muslim students will be allowed to hold their prayers at all.  But it isn’t.  That was never in question.


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