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UK: ‘Moderate’ Muslims and dhimmis in Birmingham want CCTV cams taken down……

The poor souls, how can their jihadis freely operate while being monitored by law enforcement?

Residents demand Moseley CCTV network is taken down

OUTRAGED Birmingham residents want covert cameras they believe are used to spy on Muslims removed.


There has been widespread anger after supersized lampposts, containing CCTV and ANPR, automated number plate recognition kits, appeared around Kings Heath and Moseley, without public consultation, in April.


Following inquiries by residents it emerged that the cameras were installed using £3 million from a Home Office project, fronted by the Safer Birmingham Partnership, to tackle terrorism and crime in Sparkbrook and Washwood Heath. Residents from Moseley and Kings Heath packed out a meeting on Wednesday and said they were concerned that their wards are being used to form a ring of steel to spy specifically on Muslims.


During the meeting, Jackie Russell, director of the Safer Birmingham Partnership, admitted they were on the “wrong foot” but didn’t know who could actually stop the scheme,


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