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Finland: Threat of Islamic terrorist attacks in Finland has risen, intel ops are both active and aggressive……..

We have a number of these Islamonazis in Finland, from abroad and homegrown…..

SUPO: The threat of terrorist attacks in Finland has risen, intelligence operations “continued to be active and aggressive”

Foreign spies have focused their interest in email communications and social media messages.

The Security Police to maintain the end of the year to its terrorism threat assessment.

Tuomo Pietiläinen HS
published: 29.3. 10:00 , Last update: 29.3. 11:30

INDIVIDUAL threats of violent acts by radical Islamists in Finland has risen, says the Security Police, SUPO. It is still keeping its threat assessment given at the end of last year valid, and will not lift it.


SUPO organized a press event in Helsinki on Wednesday concerning the happenings in 2016.


SUPO raised its terrorism threat assessment at the beginning of November 2015, according to SUPO, the terrorist threat against Finland has increased and diversified since the 2014 level.


“Although the threat of terrorist organizations through planned attacks is low, the threat of individual terrorist violence remains heightened after an assessment by the police in June 2014,” Supo informed one and a half years ago.


This estimate is therefore still valid, but now SUPO warns of attacks by radicalized individuals. The threat of attacks by individuals is therefore increased, but not so much that SUPO would have raised its formal threat assessment.


“There are still in Finland more individuals with contacts to terrorist organizations abroad, susceptible to commit acts of terrorism,” chief of SUPO Antti Pelttari said. The number of  persons sympathetic to terrorism in Finland, SUPO estimates to be around 350.


According to Pelttari, they haven’t had to stop any planned attack in Finland that had reached a point of execution.


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