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Katie Hopkins: Enough with ‘WhatsApp’, focus rather on what’s being preached in mosques in Britain…….

With the media, political and academic (self anointed) elite, it’s always about deflecting from the real problem. Islam.

KATIE HOPKINS: WhatsApp? What’s up is the great Multicultural Cover-up because our government would rather focus on texting than the hard questions about Khalid Masood nobody wants to answer

By making Whatsapp a sinister accomplice in Khalid Masood’s attack and answering easy questions about extremist material on google, Home Secretary Amber Rudd was avoiding difficult questions about our divided and broken multicultural society.


The establishment pointed to Muslim women standing hand-in-hand across Westminster bridge instead of listening to Julian, a Muslim man who called me on my radio show at LBC, to say he is frightened about what is being taught in the mosques where he lives.


The ‘we stand united’ propaganda is blatant lies. We are a divided nation. Shattered. Splintered. You can make as many heart gestures to the sky as you want, hold hands on a bridge if you wish, write posters about drinking tea. This is not the Blitz. We aren’t defending Great Britain anymore. We are being asked to be accomplices in its fall. And I refuse to join.


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