Islamic Barbarism Islamic brutality Islamic Mentality Islamic misogyny ISLAMIC STATE

Islamic (nazi) State barbarians forced unveiled women to torture each other……..

Nothing that these 7th century cockroaches do surprises me any more……

SICK ISIS militants made female prisoners TORTURE EACH OTHER for not wearing a veil

A PRISONER has revealed she was forced to beat and whip other women “who were not wearing gloves or socks or the veil” by the Islamic State terror group.


Miyasa Hodor, who has been in prison for two years after she was captured, told Sky News: “For adultery you would be stoned to death, for stealing they cut off your hand and for not wearing the veil, whipping.”

She said: “I had no training, my duty was to punish those as part of ISIS security.


“They brought us about 50 people a day. The first time they told me you have to do it.

“I said I cannot. They said, yes you can, you have to.”


More here.

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