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UK: Daughter of Westminster jihadi refused to veil herself, give up Western lifestyle like older sister…….

The Islamonazi Khalid Masood was a full blown sharia complying Post-Hijra Muslim.

It’s just one more nail in the politician’s/media’s coffin of lies that the Westerminster jihad attack had nothing to do with Islam. Also, wearing a hijab has nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with subjugation of the female. Future generations reading their history books on this era will be scratching their heads in amazement.

The daughter who defied a terrorist: Teenager resisted her father Khalid Masood’s pressure to give up her western lifestyle and wear a full-face veil like her sister

  • Girl, 18, fought against strict Islamic ideals of her extremist father
  • Her older sister, 24, converted to Islam and moved with Masood to Luton
  • Masood met their mother Jane Harvey in 1992, before he had converted in jail
  • Jihadist’s horrific rampage on Westminster left four dead and at least 29 injured 

The daughter of Westminster attacker Khalid Masood fought against her jihadist father’s ideals and refused to give up her western lifestyle.

The defiant 18-year-old who is second of the Westminster attacker’s three children, refused to wear a veil and submit to her father’s strict Islamic way of life.

The older sibling obediently followed her father’s wishes and converted to Islam and now wears a veil.

The girls are the daughters of Jane Harvey who Masood, 52, met in 1991 before he was radicalised in prison.

Their relationship broke down in 2002, after his two-year jail term for brutally attacking a pub landlord in a fit of rage.

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