#GardenofSweden : Police pelted with stones after being called to traffic accident in ‘Little Mogadishu’……

Eh….yet another one of those No-Go Zones the Swedish authorities are loathe to admit exists.

Police alerted to accident in Borlange – were met by stone-throwing

Published March 26, 2017 at 16:29
By Mattias Albinsson

DOMESTIC. A police patrol alerted to an address in Borlange on Saturday evening following a traffic accident were subjected to stone throwing.

The alarm comes in to the police at 22:49 in the evening. A car with two people have run into a house on Kornstigen.


– When the patrol gets there, it’s a lonely patrol that gets a stone thrown at them, says the police officer in charge, Johan Wallenius to FriaTider (Free Times).


– It is a stone that hit the car, there is a dent on the car, he said.


The stone is thrown by a gang of youths who quickly leave the site. Police patrol is forced to call for reinforcements.


– This is in an area called Tjärna meadows and pastures Tjärna is regarded as one of those socially vulnerable area, explains Wallenius.


The district known for many years in the vernacular as “Little Mogadishu” because of the large number of Somalis who live there.


 @ Friatider. H/T Servando S

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