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UK: MP’s moaned about security forces on the grounds outside parliament BEFORE the attack……. political establishment in

MPs said armed police outside Westminster created a “bad atmosphere”

One can only scratch his or her head.

It just goes to show how out of touch the British political establishment is in regards to Islam, and the war that we are currently engaged in against it.

‘MPs MOANED about armed police & UGLY security barriers outside Parliament before attack’

A GROUP of MPs complained that armed officers outside Parliament created an unwelcoming “atmosphere” and that security barriers to stop terrorists ploughing into Westminster Palace were “ugly”, according to reports.

The comments, made in interviews recorded for a report for the Administration Committee in April 2014, revealed that Commons staff were unhappy with the security measures in place at the time.


The report read: “Members also voiced concerns about the appearance of the security barriers surrounding the Palace.


“Some considered these to be extremely ugly and out of keeping with a major heritage site.


“It was noted that the stone barriers outside the Treasury and Foreign and Commonwealth Office were aesthetically pleasing and a similar style would be preferable outside the Palace of Westminster.”


It added: “Some Members and staff also noted that the presence of armed guards outside the main visitor entrances did not create a welcoming atmosphere.


“The security barriers outside the Palace were regarded as ugly and the presence of armed police was off-putting.”


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London 1941: “Oh those terrible disgusting sandbags, how awful, get rid of them….”



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  1. Well then, next time simply remove any police presence and any security when Parliment is in session. Appease the whiners. Be sure to loudly and often proclaim this diversity plan well in advance to let the world know how open and accepting you are. See how that works out.

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