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Sweden: Former Green Afro-Swede accuses Greens party of structural racism……..

A relative visiting me here in Finland once remarked upon seeing some blacks, “oh….Afro-Finns”. I had to mull that one over.

So now the Greens party is to be synonymous with racism. They are knuckle dragging racists, from top to bottom and they need to come clean on their inherent racism before they are to be taken seriously as a political party! They are the embodiment of everything we know racist socialists to be. Racists!

“Green Afro-Swedes” accuse the Green Party of racism

Published March 24, 2017 at 19:09

DOMESTIC. The former Green Party Awad Hersi now accusing Green Party of structural racism. He claims that the party demanded his resignation because of his skin color and ethnic origin. Hersi is backed by an internal party group called “Green Afro-Swedes”.

It was in October last year that Awad Hersi (MP) resigned as chairman of the Spånga-Tensta District.


This after he had been accused of interfering in the payments of social assistance. Or as the moderate senator Hanif Bali puts it “fixes socbidrag to friends and acquaintances.”


But it was not the real reason that the party demanded his resignation. Actually, it was about his African origin. It says at least Awad Hersi himself.


– They wanted me out, anyway, says Awad Hersi to SVT and points out that he has not done anything wrong.


Now he has dropped out of the Green Party, accusing the party of “structural racism,” writes Swedish Television News. And he is backed by a group of members of the party, which he calls “green Afro-Swedes”. Many of them will also have left the party, for the same reasons Hersi.


– The Green Party is an anti-racist party and it is very serious for many that people in the party feel they have been the victim of structural racism, it’s something we need to follow up, says Mats Berglund SVT Stockholm.


But Awar Hersi goes further in his criticism, and also says that the party compromised on several issues, including the principle of anti-violence. Green Party voted for the war in Libya, the war in Afghanistan and the host country agreement with NATO, he points to stockholmdirekt.se.


He also claims that the Green Party has become a “top-down” and very hierarchical party without any semblance of democracy remaining. 


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