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Dishonest media: Bruce Bawer asks, Trump’s Nazis……?

The need for the media to hype these stories tells us more about them than anything about the ultra-national socialist knuckle draggers in the US.
According to the Anti-Defamation League, about three thousand. In other words, 0.001% of the American population.

The statist media is disgusting.


The European media’s twisted tactics in smearing a U.S. president.

Bruce Bawer

We got accustomed to it during the presidential election campaign: headlines in major media reminding us that there actually still exists something called the KKK. On November 1, only a few days before Americans went to the polls, the Washington Post found it worthwhile to devote an entire story to the fact that the KKK’s official newspaper (who knew the KKK had an official newspaper?) had endorsed Donald Trump. After Trump won, the Independent, a major British daily, ran a report with the headline “Former KKK leader David Duke: ‘We won it for Donald Trump.’” In January, the Huffington Post put up an article insisting that Trump’s dad had links to the Klan. And in February the New Yorker published a long, probing piece in which Evan Osnos sought to find something fishy in the fact that Trump didn’t denounce the KKK every ten minutes: “for months, as Donald Trump developed his political repertoire, he adopted an uncharacteristic reply for questions about fascism and the Ku Klux Klan: silence, or something close to it.” Aha! Gotcha! As if all this weren’t enough, the A&E network has apparently been running Generation KKK, an eight-part documentary series in which viewers were given a look at the lives of KKK members and their families.

It’s clear why the mainstream media are so fond of KKK stories. In a time when almost all the hate-driven violence is on the left, and when Islam poses a profound menace to American freedom and security, the KKK provides a handy diversion: Look, folks, the threat to our society is really on the right! Muslims aren’t adherents of a lethal ideology – they’re innocent objects of Klan hatred! Also, the KKK is great for guilt by association. To certain folks in New York and Los Angeles, pretty much all red-state families look alike, and the sight of a pathetic gaggle of losers on A&E waving swastika flags and wearing white hoods is enough to convince them that all of flyover country, from Pennsylvania coal country to the Central Valley, is one big Klan rally waiting to happen. And of course any time some KKK member expresses admiration for Trump, it offers a great opportunity to brand him and his entire administration as white supremacists.

Oh, by the way: guess how many KKK members there are, all together? In the whole United States? According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, somewhere between five and eight thousand. According to the Anti-Defamation League, about three thousand. In other words, 0.001% of the American population.


More here.  H/T: Vasarahammer

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