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French elite delay report on links between Islam and radicalization until AFTER presidential elections…….

Which makes one highly suspicious of their motives….

You would think that in a free society information of that magnitude, that would be used to help people decide which candidate is best equipped to fight that danger would be released to the public, right?


Don’t like the truth? Bury it!


A report on the links between Islam and radicalisation among youths has been delayed until after the French Presidential election, over fears its conclusions will boost support for Marine Le Pen.


At a press conference in Paris, researchers Olivier Galland and Anne Muxel delivered some shocking headline figures which highlight the clear link between being Muslim and holding radical ideas.


Here is what we know so far:

11% of respondents overall were classed as being religious ‘absolutions’ defined by their beliefs in religion over science. 6% of Christian students believed in religious absolutism, whereas that number rises to 32% of Muslim students.
Regardless of their performance at school and their parents’ profession, a young Muslim is four times more likely than a young Christian to adhere to radical ideas.


More here.

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