Belgium Brussels Islam in Belgium Islamization

Belgian tax driver can’t enter half of Brussels, “needs to be fluent in Arabic to enter”…….

This is a societal takeover of immense proportions… 

I just received this from a colleague of mine who’s currently visiting the capital of Belgium. You need to understand this with the knowledge that Moleenbek is a suburb of Brussels and home to 51 Islamic terrorist-linked groups. It’s where the Paris massacre jihadi hid out for awhile before being eventually caught. CNBC:


“The “place where you can disappear”, the “Jihadist airbase” — the crowded Brussels borough of Molenbeek, finally proved not big enough for Europe’s most wanted man: Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam.”


From TT’s Europe correspondent, Always Watching:

Taxi driver in Brussels just said he cannot drive people to almost half of the capital of Belgium because he is Belgian. He said ‘you need to be speaking fluent Arabic to enter’ 
I listened to him in shock after arriving at the central station
I asked what about the authorities, the government???? He only said: “They don’t care.”

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