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‘Humanitarian superpower Sweden’ most toughest border control among Schengen nations…….

Lol! After thumping its chest in boast of being the most humanitarian country in existence, and allowed every Muslim settler and his brother to flood into their country, reality has bitten them like a Swede on a meatball.

Sweden carries out most border controls among Schengen nations

Sweden carries out by far the most border controls among the countries given special permission to do so by the EU, according to numbers reported by public broadcaster Sveriges Radio.

Along with Sweden, Norway (which is part of the Schengen zone), Denmark, Germany and Austria have been granted special permission by the EU to operate temporary border controls in the normally passport-free Schengen area.


And according to Sveriges Radio’s Ekot show, 3.2 million checks were carried out at Sweden’s borders between July and August 2016 alone – eight times more than in Germany (which carried out 394, 503 during that period).


Norway carried out 436, 363 meanwhile, while Denmark carried out 870, 971.


An explanation for Sweden’s figures being so high is that police carry out border controls on virtually every vehicle at the Öresund Bridge crossing with Denmark in the south, while other countries only do random checks at their borders.


The head of Sweden’s national border police says it is difficult to compare the controls between countries as a result.


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