Muslim persecution of Christians

Mosul Iraq: Christians more than likely unable to return, ISIS bred new generation of pious Muslims……..

100 000 Christians uprooted and booted…..

Christians may NEVER be able to return to Mosul as ISIS has bred NEW generation of jihadis

CHRISTIANS forced out of their homes by marauding Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis can never return as terrorists have bred a new generation of child radicals, a vicar has warned.


Father Daniel said ISIS has bred a new generation of radicals

Father Daniel said ISIS has bred a new generation of radicals


More than 100,000 Christians were forced to flee Mosul in Iraq when ISIS invaded in 2014.


And as the Battle for Mosul reaches its final stages some Christians have attempted to return to the city.


But a vicar, whose church 50 miles away in Erbil cares for hundreds of Christian families who left their homes, has warned a huge danger remains.


Father Daniel said the terror cult’s destructive ideology has already spread to the next generation, sparking fears will continue their chilling campaign to boot Christians out of the Middle East.


He said: “We can go back but it is a question of safety. We are dealing with a new generation bred by ISIS – they have a radical anti-Christian viewpoint and so it would be really hard to go back.


“It would be very hard for children here and children in Mosul to get together. Can they even get along together as two groups? Could they adapt to each other? We really need to work with the children in Mosul to change what ISIS has implanted there.”


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NOTE: Root out Islam and you might have a chance.

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